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Safe and natural measures established to deal with bed bugs

Bedbugs are small animals who feed on peoples and animals blood as they sleep. The Center of Disease Control (CDC), say that bedbugs are known to spread few diseases, but the itchy bites and rashes have some people staying up all night, restless and bewildered.

According to a report released by the Pest control authorities bed bugs have become more prevalent in some states such as Ohio rather than other states in the US. According to a list made by leading pest control companies, Columbus and Cleveland were on the top list of the most cities affected with bedbug problem.

bed bugs in the office workplaceBedbugs are usually difficult to treat and it is difficult to notice them. Experts say that beg bugs can be quite difficult to control since they are small and can be everywhere. The presence of bedbugs in your home doesn’t necessarily mean that your home is dirty and unhygienic.

In one instance, Parma High school in Ohio was said to be under treatment of bedbugs. They were isolated and are now being treated. In another instance, Rath building in Erie County was said to be battling and making numerous complaints about the prevalence of bedbugs.

The building management has spent almost $4000 on bed bug pest control to deal with the bedbug problem. As a result, the county spokesman and the building administrator set some measure that will help to stop bedbugs. Many landlords and building managers would do better to find out how to kill bed bugs in a way that is both safe and affordable, since exterminator treatments can get pretty bad, fast.

Measures for new bed bug treatments suggested include:

It was suggested by the management that bed bug sniffing dogs would be deployed into the building. In addition, employees were not spared with these policies to since they were told to be taking all their clothes and personal items at home instead of cluttering in the building premises.

Those who would not take their personal items at home they could find them dumped. Moreover, employees were cautioned about the disciplinary measures if their personal items would be found cluttered on the premises of the building. With efforts to implement the set out step, 10 floors of Rath building have been sprayed for bedbugs while two floors are sprayed twice a week.

Due to this problem, there are some recommendations that the government has given to stop bedbugs as illustrated:

Where bed bugs hide

Since bedbugs are mostly found in hiding places, it is important to regularly wash and heat your beddings and any clothing that touches the floor.

Since a lot of individuals do not know how bedbugs actually look like, the county government has asked them to look for the signs of bedbugs such as reddish spots on mattress, tiny eggs and eggshells, and dark sport that look like pen ink.

In addition to the recommendations given, Rath building has tried to educate employees on the importance of health and hygiene. They have also been educated on the basics of bedbugs and what to do incase they come across any.

Bed Bug Education & Prevention


Due to the prevalence of bedbugs in homes and workplaces, it is important to know the measures to take to prevent them and how to stop bedbugs incase you see them. Rath is trying to educate its employees on how to eliminate bedbugs and how to prevent them.