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Toronto Mayor Mandates Masks for People in Public to Avoid Supposed Failed Response of USA

toronto mayor issues order making masks mandatory for covid 19

In another unsurprising move, a mayor of a large metropolitan area has issued a mandatory face mask order for all people in public and riding trains, buses and other forms of transit.

Saying it’s necessary to implement to avoid another surge in the novel coronavirus, the Toronto mayor said they must “mask up” if they want businesses to re-open and for things to return to normal, as well as to prevent a massive 2nd outbreak like is supposedly occurring right now in the USA.

Is America Really Experiencing a Large Surge in Covid 19?

Or is it just propaganda?

Consider this. The recent uptick in Covid 19 test that indicate a positive have still not affected the actual number of people dying. The entire talk of Covid 19 has revolved around how highly transmissible it is, and the “dangers” of being asymptomatic, i.e. having no symptoms, but still being able to send grandma to an early grave.

The Toronto Mayor blamed Americans for re-opening their businesses too soon, but considering anyone could have the coronavirus and not know it, then doesn’t it make sense for us to permanently shut down everything for good? Ya know, just to be on the safe side?

Most people under the age of 70 won’t die if they are Covid 19 positive and have about a .003% of dying from coronavirus, and most people who die from it have 3 or more co-morbidities, or other serious medical conditions that are contributing to their death. Now when you take into account that the expected lifespan of the average American is 78 years, it makes shutting the world down to prevent people from dying whose chances are literally 3 in 1000 seem criminal in itself.

Even the CDC data shows how weak the coronavirus actually is and how potentially lethal it is to you.

So why are 10% of people in the medical field coming down with Covid 19 too? Are they not doing enough to take adequate precautions against infection?

What really explains the recent spike in coronavirus in the US has more to do with wider testing and more people getting tested.

The FDA says in their own words: there are currently no FDA-approved tests for Covid 19.

Huh. That’s strange. So how exactly are they testing for coronavirus then?

The Only 2 Current Covid 19 Tests Being Used

*Nucleic acid amplification tests (molecular tests) – also known as genetic, RNA or PCR tests

“Nucleic acid amplification tests tell us if a patient is actively infected with SARS-CoV-2. They detect the presence of characteristic sequences of SARS-CoV-2 genetic material (RNA) in respiratory samples of patients. If the viral RNA is detected, it suggests that the virus might be present.”

*Antibody tests – also known as serology tests

“Antibody testing reveals if a patient has been exposed to the virus but does not tell whether an active infection occurred, or whether the antibodies produced are the kind that can prevent another infection.”

The American Lung Association states that “other common cold viruses include coronavirus and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).”

Pretty convenient that the common cold shows up as coronavirus, and Covid 19 shows up as- coronavirus.

Is Wearing a Mask Even Safe, or Good for You?

Wearing a mask is not good for you, period. Yep, and people who use CPAP or a ventilator are at increased risk of pneumonia, and severe pneumonia is the leading co-factor in all Covid deaths. Seems they want people getting pneumonia and getting sick- serves the agenda to shut everything down, control everyone, and then vaccinate you.

Clearly the amount of times the CDC and the WHO have flip-flopped on whether or not you should wear a mask or not indicates that these people are either grossly incompetent or just psychopaths trying to exert control over everyone to demand compliance to their world system.

You would think the “Center for Disease Control” would know before a “pandemic” whether or not to issue guidance to wear a mask or not. Are they really that unprepared, or just making it up as they go?

I would say the latter.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Safely, Naturally And Without An Exterminator

Studies have shown, bed bugs date back to almost 115 million years ago, even before mankind walked on mother earth. It is also believed that these primal creatures fed on bats and early humans. Since these bugs have existed forever, they have been closely related to human species and proved to be a nuisance. During World War II bed bugs were exterminated by fumigation of Zyklon B.

However, due to its adverse effects, DDT was widely introduced in 20th century. Today bed bugs are completely resistant to DDT or similar insecticides. What’s more, these toxic compounds are proving to be detrimental for atmosphere. Therefore, using homemade, natural remedies has become extremely necessary.

So let’s start exploring our options of how to get rid of bed bugs safely, naturally and without an exterminator:

Safe, Cheap Bed Bug Removal from Your Home

Vacuum Cleaning Bed Bugs

Vacuum cleaning the affected areas thoroughly. And daily. A strong suction would ensure complete wipe out. Empty out all the dead bugs in an area as much far away from your home as possible.

Vinegar Repels Bed Bugs

The most reliable, protected method is to pick up an ingredient straight from your pantry, i.e. vinegar. Yes, spraying vinegar on those tiny criminals would inhibit their rapid growth. Although this is not a permanent solution, it can keep away pests for a long time. Try bringing vinegar  directly in contact with the bugs to kill. Also, if convenient, soak your beddings in concentrated white vinegar for prompt results. Tip: Spray vinegar in every crook and corner or under tight places that could be their potential hiding place. However, the issue with most contact killer sprays is that they simply don’t get rid of bed bug eggs.  

Essential Oils Deter Bedbugs

Essential oils are famous for treating many diseases and infestations. One such remedy for bedbugs is Tea Tree Oil. It cannot kill the bed bugs or eggs but can act as a repellent. Make a dilute solution by adding ten drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle filled with water. Generously spray this mixture underneath the bed or inner spaces of furniture, especially if these are old or worn out.

Diatomaceous Earth: Best Natural Bed Bug Solution

Diatomaceous Earth is a miracle powder and one of the best antidotes for battling against bugs. It is made of sedimentary rocks that are powdered into white talc. Food-grade diatomaceous earth is safe, cheap and effective. The powder contains sharp-edged particles that penetrate the exoskeletons of bed bugs thus making them devoid of fluid retention essential for their survival.

Baking soda stops bed bugs too

Baking soda, a multipurpose substance. It is known to absorb moisture from different materials and also has the same effect on a bed bug’s body. Dehydrating their skin will eventually kill them. But there is a downside to this treatment; it will take a humongous amount of bicarbonate to do the job we’re looking for.

Steam Cleaning: Pricey But Good to Get Rid of Bed Bug Eggs

The fastest method to eradicate this agonizing invasion is to steam them to death. Steam cleaning (wet or dry) every possible place in your home will make sure that no area is left untreated. The high temperature of 140 degrees or above will guarantee banishing both adult bedbugs and their eggs for good. Just follow the steam cleaner’s instructions carefully.

Use Protective Mattress Covers Against Bed Bugs

Keep your beds encased in a protective cover that will suffocate these irritable beasts to death. A large sized Ziploc bag or a special bed bug mattress cover will starve them of human blood, making them vanish for keeps.

Natural Herbs to Eliminate Bedbugs

Many herbs such as mint, lavender and thyme are also effective against fleas and bed bugs. Avoiding chemicals and opting for natural cures is a great step but needs a lot of patience and religious routine treatment.

It’s of course always a great idea to keep things as natural as possible when fighting bed bugs, which we talk about here.

Investing In A Gold Or Silver IRA Rollover

Introduction To the Individual Retirement Account

Everyone looks for financial stability in their lives. When you are a retired professional you need financial stability more than ever in your life.

With no regular salary, retired professionals look for ways to invest their savings into a trusted and secure investment pool.

Individual Retirement Accounts are an amazing option for retired personnel. There are many different types of Individual Retirement Accounts. A Precious Metals IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is an account in which retired personnel can deposit approved precious metals in the form of coins or bars. Individual Retirement Accounts make you literally convert your money into gold or other precious metals.

People who have accumulated wealth over the years of their professional career can protect themselves with metals like gold and silver by investing them in gold IRA or 401k rollover accounts. Investing in metals IRA accounts is a Win-Win for both the owner of the precious metals and the custodian.

Where Can You Register For An Individual Retirement Account?

The Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a great product. It can help in diversifying your portfolio. People all over the US can open an IRA however they will have to go through a strict scrutiny process based on the financial laws and regulation of the government of the United States.

As per the instructions by IRS, the opening of a gold IRA can be facilitated by private licensed companies, banks, brokerage firms, federally approved credit union, savings association, loan association, and other IRS financial bodies. It should also be noted that not all precious metals can be deposited in an IRA.

Only gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins or bullion are allowed to be deposited in the said account. Another thing that most people don’t realize is that the gold, silver or other precious metals should be of a certain quality to be invested in an IRA.

How Do Precious Metals IRA Rollover Work

There are many scams in the market that claim to offer services related to or affiliated with precious metals IRA.

First and foremost you need to find a trusted and IRS approved custodian to open a self directed individual retirement account. 

The second step in the process is to find a broker that would help you find coins or precious metal bullions. Once you have located the required bullions it is crucial to get a second opinion on their authenticity. As per instructions from IRS, the precious metals should have a certain level of purity otherwise the custodian has full rights to reject the deposit.

Why Should You Invest In a Precious Metals IRA

When a person retires after decades of working then all that person needs is to invest al savings and retirement fund into a secure investment opportunity.  Nobody wants to gamble with income that was earned after years of hard work and dedication.

IRAs provide retired personnel with an opportunity to not only invest in a safe product but it also offers a high return. Unlike paper money, precious metals aren’t that easily affected by external factors.

One of the most unique properties of such precious metals is that they retain their worth overtime whereas paper currency is easily affected by factors like inflation, exchange rate, and other external factors. You can also roll over your savings from other IRA accounts into your precious metal IRA.

Get a Free Gold IRA Investment Kit

Here’s where you can get a free gold IRA investment kit from Regal Assets.

Dangers Of Snoring And Sleep Apnea- How to Stop Snoring Completely


Most of us find these two terms interchangeable and that’s because we are unaware of the slight difference between these two. Let’s understand it this way, all sleep apnea patients snore but only few who snore have sleep apnea. Snoring is considered to be a “symptom” of obstructive sleep apnea.

Snoring in other words is simply a sound caused by vibration during breathing and is a result of partly blocked airways either in the mouth, nose or throat on the other hand sleep apnea is when a person experiences certain pauses in the breathing pattern during sleep on a daily basis which may result in interrupted, restless and light sleep and of course loud and persistent snoring.

Ever heard of “don’t ignore the snore”? If yes, have you ever thought why is snoring problematic?

Snoring is not considered as a disease by most of the people and therefore they don’t find the need for consultation and that’s where things don’t really go in their favor.

Snoring can lead to changes in the carotid arteries present in the neck which are responsible for supplying blood to the brain neck and face resulting in carotid artery stenosis which is narrowing of the carotid artery due to cholesterol plaque formation or atherosclerosis. Snoring, on the other hand, may result in obstructive sleep apnea which may result in chronic sleep deprivation.

One main point of differentiation between snoring and sleep apnea is that snoring doesn’t really affect the quality of your sleep, your sleep is not interrupted and you don’t feel sleepy during the day time, however, for sleep apnea patients the chances of disturbed sleep during night and sleepiness and extreme fatigue during the day time is very common.

Still, feel good knowing that there is something you can to about your snoring problem.



Sleeping on your back might be troublesome as it allows your tongue to rest towards the back of your throat which can block your airway. So it’s better to sleep on your side and not on your back.


The shrinkage or contraction of your airway may be caused because of the layer of fatty tissue residing in your neck or throat resulting in multiple pauses during breathing at night.

Another option to help snoring is to improve your mucous membranes with apple cider vinegar.


Smoking is usually linked to sleep disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea.


Dehydration leads to the formation of mucus which would ultimately block your airways making you snore.


 The heat from the water will open up your airways reducing congestion and will allow you to sleep better


CPAP: the best solution for snoring?

Continuous positive air pressure is a device which blows pressurized air into the mask that you wear over your nose or face and helps you breathe properly without any interruption.


Low level of radio-frequency heat is used to remove the uvula and soft palate tissues that vibrate during snoring. Local anesthesia is used and it takes about 30 minutes.


This stop snoring device will bring your lower jaw or tongue a little forward during sleep and opens your airway. They are usually affordable and re-usable without the need for electricity, FDA cleared and can be bought over the counter legally.

Apple Cider Vinegar (and other natural remedies) to Stop Snoring Now

apple cider vinegar for snoringSo you have a snoring problem and you don’t know the best way to get rid of it…

Today I’m going to show you how you can use apple cider vinegar to resolve your snoring problem and let your spouse finally get to sleep at night once again. I’ll also be discussing some other issues that could be contributing to your snoring problem.

Top Contributing Factors to Snoring and Sleep Apnea

In general, people snore because their airways are obstructed, hence the name, obstructive sleep apnea. This can either mean that the tissues like muscle, fat, and other bodily tissue constricts and blocks the airway in the throat, as the chin and jaw relax and slide back towards the neck, further increasing the barrier to getting air in your lungs.

Additionally, a blocked airway can stem from blocked nasal passages, either from allergies, bad sinuses, and in extreme cases known as deviated septum. While many peopl will turn to a saline based nasal spray, I want to recommend that and advise against getting surgery as well. I’ve had deviated septum corrective surgery, and saw no lasting results even 6 months later.

Other factors which are within people’s control includes diet, because certain foods can cause you to have a stuffy nose or difficulty breathing. I know that when I drink milk or eat a lot of dairy, or fried food, I will have a noticeable change in my ease of breathing. Getting rid of toxins in the body should be priority number one, as well as eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise.

Dr. Epstein of Harvard has even said that sleep apnea would go away overnight if people would just lose weight. In fact, the body’s metabolism and a general state of balance in the body will drastically improve your chances of improving your snoring and avoiding sleep apnea.

Learn about alternative solutions for snoring with this stop snoring and sleep apnea mouthpiece review at

Apple Cider Vinegar for Snoring

Apple Cider Vinegar can help to restore the body’s pH to an alkaline and non-acidic state. It can also improve your gut flora and health, while improving sinus congestion too. But one thing’s very important when consuming apple cider vinegar for snoring, and that’s to make sure you get the raw apple cider vinegar that is with the mother, as it’s called. That means you get all the good, raw, and complete ingredients which will work together to help restore your body.

When you take the apple cider vinegar, it’s a good idea to start small so that your body does not go into advanced detoxification and shock your system. You can mix one or 2 teaspoons with 8 ounces of water before bed, drink it down, and then rinse your mouth out with water for 15 – 30 seconds and spit it out in order to protect your teeth enamel.

We often have problems with mucus, and apple cider vinegar is a prime candidate to get that under control.

How Long Will It Take to See Positive Results from Apple Cider Vinegar for Snoring?

While some people will notice an immediate positive benefit from using this method, it’s recommended that people try this for at least a week before making up their mind if this is going to work for them long-term. There’s really not much to lose, and you may even notice some surprising benefits to your health in other areas.

Remember, controlling your weight and what you consume, as well as how active you are and your stress levels, are going to go a long way for stopping snoring and avoiding sleep apnea. And while not all snorers have sleep apnea, and while not everyone with sleep apnea necessarily snores, and while even some thin people have sleep apnea- all of these scenarios are fairly rare.

Good luck and I hope you can eliminate snoring naturally and get back to restful and productive sleep at night.

3 Ways Restaurant Owners and Managers Can Increase Sales and Guest Satisfaction

fine dining and restaurant management trainingIt all starts with those extra touches and ends with a memorable guest experience, if you’re doing it right in the restaurant and hotel business. Today we’re going to focus on how restaurant managers and owners can increase the value of their business by tweaking just a few things.

It’s all about perception, but these suggestions are actually much deeper than a superficial or shallow attempt at a gimmick to fool customers and guests into liking you or advertising for you by word of mouth. As you read these 3 simple suggestions today, consider the deeper purpose and additional possibilities that you may think of yourself as you move forward.

3 Ways Restaurant Managers and Owners Can Improve Their Restaurant

1. Put candles on your tables in the evening, and flowers (real or fake is ok) on the tables during the day.

Candles and little flower vases with real or fake flowers can really improve the ambiance and make the table setting feel cozy, plus they’re not that expensive. No one can quite explain why we like to sit around the campfire just watching wood burn, but candles are sort of a smaller version of this. And even small reminders of nature and the outdoors like flowers can have a relaxing effect on guests, plus it shows you’re adding those significant details to enhance their dining experience.

2. Make sure that your employees are representing your restaurant accurately.

Nothing lets me know that a restaurant/eatery is unprofessional like when I see people with massive tribal earrings, visible tattoos on staff, unkempt uniforms that are wrinkly are tucked half-way in, people on their cell phones, joking around in plain view of guests, etc. Ensuring your staff is disciplined does not mean they have to pass a military inspection.

restaurant and hospitality training videosIt simply means that people at work understand the basics of hospitality training and restaurant service, just how they teach in the Waiting Tables Video Master Class. This course is great for sharing with your staff or just watching yourself as a manager for ideas on how to train your waitstaff and FOH staff.

3. Focus on Selling High Quality Items

Not everyone is going to order a $200 bottle of wine, but if you set out reminders of perceived valuable or luxury items, it will remind people that you are the type of establishment that offers the best available to eat and drink. For the same reason you mention features (not “specials”), you constantly remind everyone that they are in a special world of premium offerings.

Consider making some marketing materials that you can place on your tables in clear plastic stands that highlights your finest entrees and how they are prepared, and suggest some type of liquor/wine paring with the food. Raising the bar, or at least appearing to do so, is going to make the guest feel like they are eating somewhere special and fancy, whether they order the 20 year old Scotch or not.

Remember to always increase the “food mood” of your guests. Make ’em hungry and keep ’em thirsty!

Additional Advice for Hostesses and Front of House Staff

Keep Your Waiters Happy: Give the Best Shifts to the Top Sellers, and Suggest Additional Work Options for your Staff so They’re not Complaining about Being Broke.

We hope you enjoyed:

3 Ways Restaurant Managers and Owners Can Increase Sales, Guest Satisfaction & Customer Retention


Safe and natural measures established to deal with bed bugs

Bedbugs are small animals who feed on peoples and animals blood as they sleep. The Center of Disease Control (CDC), say that bedbugs are known to spread few diseases, but the itchy bites and rashes have some people staying up all night, restless and bewildered.

According to a report released by the Pest control authorities bed bugs have become more prevalent in some states such as Ohio rather than other states in the US. According to a list made by leading pest control companies, Columbus and Cleveland were on the top list of the most cities affected with bedbug problem.

bed bugs in the office workplaceBedbugs are usually difficult to treat and it is difficult to notice them. Experts say that beg bugs can be quite difficult to control since they are small and can be everywhere. The presence of bedbugs in your home doesn’t necessarily mean that your home is dirty and unhygienic.

In one instance, Parma High school in Ohio was said to be under treatment of bedbugs. They were isolated and are now being treated. In another instance, Rath building in Erie County was said to be battling and making numerous complaints about the prevalence of bedbugs.

The building management has spent almost $4000 on bed bug pest control to deal with the bedbug problem. As a result, the county spokesman and the building administrator set some measure that will help to stop bedbugs. Many landlords and building managers would do better to find out how to kill bed bugs in a way that is both safe and affordable, since exterminator treatments can get pretty bad, fast.

Measures for new bed bug treatments suggested include:

It was suggested by the management that bed bug sniffing dogs would be deployed into the building. In addition, employees were not spared with these policies to since they were told to be taking all their clothes and personal items at home instead of cluttering in the building premises.

Those who would not take their personal items at home they could find them dumped. Moreover, employees were cautioned about the disciplinary measures if their personal items would be found cluttered on the premises of the building. With efforts to implement the set out step, 10 floors of Rath building have been sprayed for bedbugs while two floors are sprayed twice a week.

Due to this problem, there are some recommendations that the government has given to stop bedbugs as illustrated:

Where bed bugs hide

Since bedbugs are mostly found in hiding places, it is important to regularly wash and heat your beddings and any clothing that touches the floor.

Since a lot of individuals do not know how bedbugs actually look like, the county government has asked them to look for the signs of bedbugs such as reddish spots on mattress, tiny eggs and eggshells, and dark sport that look like pen ink.

In addition to the recommendations given, Rath building has tried to educate employees on the importance of health and hygiene. They have also been educated on the basics of bedbugs and what to do incase they come across any.

Bed Bug Education & Prevention


Due to the prevalence of bedbugs in homes and workplaces, it is important to know the measures to take to prevent them and how to stop bedbugs incase you see them. Rath is trying to educate its employees on how to eliminate bedbugs and how to prevent them.

Sometimes the Natural Treatment Works Best on Bed Bugs

bed bugs hiding in new jersey

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs 100% Naturally and at Low Cost- Is it Even Possible?

Bad news: Bed bugs are back – and they’re bigger, tougher and much harder to kill than ever before. And as we travel more, they’re also becoming much more mobile. So, if you find yourself with a bed bug infestation what should you do?

The new breed of pesticide resistant bed bugs

First the really bad news – over at the University of Sydney, researchers found that bed bugs are getting harder to kill[i] because they may have developed tougher skin in response to new forms of insecticides. All over the country people are reporting serious problems.

At a senior’s home in Hudson County, for example, the County Health Inspectors had to step in to deal with a serious outbreak of bed bugs.

Elsewhere, in Mid Ohio, exterminators have seen business booming as the number of infestations has exploded over the past few years. According to one exterminator, Jason Cozzens, owner of Eastern Burkholder Exterminators, they’re here because people are travelling more.

“Bedbugs have been back for at least 5-6 years. People travel more. People go to different countries and more people are coming into this country and it’s just back and forth, he explains. Going to buy used products verses new, it can be from appliances to anything. And it’s just a transfer effect, it’s just an ongoing thing[ii].”

So how can you prevent them? First you need to know what they look like. Adult bed bugs are small flat insects about the size of an apple seed who feed of the blood and skin of animals. They are tiny and can squeeze into the smallest spaces which makes them very hard to control.

Where do Bed Bugs Live?

You’ll most probably find them in your mattress, bed frame, box springs or headboard – anywhere they can get at your blood while you’re sleeping at night – such a happy thought.

They will bite people with a long beak and will feed for about ten minutes before they are engorged and slink off satisfied. In the morning, you’ll experience red welts and feel an itching sensation. You may also see blood stains on the sheets.

First of all, you need to find them. Regularly inspect the bedrooms and sheets for signs of their activity. If bedding is infected, use plastic covers and don’t let the bedding touch the floor. You can also put the bed post legs into small plastic containers filled with a natural bed bug treatment as well as between the mattress and box spring.

Take all bed clothes and linen away and clean them on the very highest temperature you can. Bed bugs are resilient creatures, but they hate high heat. Anything you can’t wash put in a tumble dryer on a high heat.

Use a stiff brush to really scrub your mattress seams and get any of the little critters out. Then vacuum your bed and the surrounding area as thoroughly as you can. Once you’ve finished, take the vacuum bag and put it in the bin, preferably as far away from the house as possible.

Take your mattress out and put it into a tightly zipped up cover and put it away. The bad news is bed bugs can live for about a year without feeding, so that’s how long you’ll have to keep it packed away for. Even if you get a new mattress in you’ll have to make sure all the bed bugs have been removed, otherwise they will just come back.

Bed Bugs can survive a long time without eating, remember.

It all sounds like a lot of work, and it is. Bed Bugs are resilient creatures and they will keep coming back time and time again. You may find it simpler – if a little more expensive – to call in expert pest controllers. So, the signs are that Jason Cozzens and people like him, will be kept in work for a long time to come.