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3 Ways Restaurant Owners and Managers Can Increase Sales and Guest Satisfaction

fine dining and restaurant management trainingIt all starts with those extra touches and ends with a memorable guest experience, if you’re doing it right in the restaurant and hotel business. Today we’re going to focus on how restaurant managers and owners can increase the value of their business by tweaking just a few things.

It’s all about perception, but these suggestions are actually much deeper than a superficial or shallow attempt at a gimmick to fool customers and guests into liking you or advertising for you by word of mouth. As you read these 3 simple suggestions today, consider the deeper purpose and additional possibilities that you may think of yourself as you move forward.

3 Ways Restaurant Managers and Owners Can Improve Their Restaurant

1. Put candles on your tables in the evening, and flowers (real or fake is ok) on the tables during the day.

Candles and little flower vases with real or fake flowers can really improve the ambiance and make the table setting feel cozy, plus they’re not that expensive. No one can quite explain why we like to sit around the campfire just watching wood burn, but candles are sort of a smaller version of this. And even small reminders of nature and the outdoors like flowers can have a relaxing effect on guests, plus it shows you’re adding those significant details to enhance their dining experience.

2. Make sure that your employees are representing your restaurant accurately.

Nothing lets me know that a restaurant/eatery is unprofessional like when I see people with massive tribal earrings, visible tattoos on staff, unkempt uniforms that are wrinkly are tucked half-way in, people on their cell phones, joking around in plain view of guests, etc. Ensuring your staff is disciplined does not mean they have to pass a military inspection.

restaurant and hospitality training videosIt simply means that people at work understand the basics of hospitality training and restaurant service, just how they teach in the Waiting Tables Video Master Class. This course is great for sharing with your staff or just watching yourself as a manager for ideas on how to train your waitstaff and FOH staff.

3. Focus on Selling High Quality Items

Not everyone is going to order a $200 bottle of wine, but if you set out reminders of perceived valuable or luxury items, it will remind people that you are the type of establishment that offers the best available to eat and drink. For the same reason you mention features (not “specials”), you constantly remind everyone that they are in a special world of premium offerings.

Consider making some marketing materials that you can place on your tables in clear plastic stands that highlights your finest entrees and how they are prepared, and suggest some type of liquor/wine paring with the food. Raising the bar, or at least appearing to do so, is going to make the guest feel like they are eating somewhere special and fancy, whether they order the 20 year old Scotch or not.

Remember to always increase the “food mood” of your guests. Make ’em hungry and keep ’em thirsty!

Additional Advice for Hostesses and Front of House Staff

Keep Your Waiters Happy: Give the Best Shifts to the Top Sellers, and Suggest Additional Work Options for your Staff so They’re not Complaining about Being Broke.

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3 Ways Restaurant Managers and Owners Can Increase Sales, Guest Satisfaction & Customer Retention